Alba Winery’s Association

Wine producers, wineries and great wines.

The Alba Winery’s Association is born and it is a pleasure to welcome a corporation which brings together the wine producers of our capital of the Langhe with this guide, the first tangible fruits of this association, with the objective of exalting and spotlighting the great historic companies of the wines of Alba – but also the new ones which have sprung up recently.

At the same time, the association’s purpose is to promote the wines and our outstanding cuisine. Our city lacked an institution of this kind and, above all, a tourist guide that goes through the wineries meant to accompany the visitors in discovering the winemaking history of our city. It’s a fascinating, extraordinary story which has developed over time silently, in step with the unshakable industriousness of Langa.

The Association wants to support at a promotional level the Wineries that have been fortunate to rise in a place where tourism has become one of the main pillars of our economy in the past few years. We must continue fervently in this direction. We must do so with all the subjects that work in the industry. And we must do a good job, because it has gotten to the point of being one of the feathers in our territory’s cap and it is one of the most important industries to our community. It is the invitation made to all the players involved. While to the tourists of our hills we wish a wonderful stay in our city.